Round Table, August 10th (and some other stuff)

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Round Table, August 10th (and some other stuff)

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:53 pm

- A new version of the house rules will be posted shortly. We will be having a round table at 7pm on Friday, August 10th to discuss them. Players are encouraged to come express their opinions and offer suggestions. Please don't heckle.
- Christopher Smith is moving from AST status to Narrator status. We will be taking on new STs when our player base increases, but until that time, two Storytellers is enough. Currently, Chris is our *only* Narrator. If you would like to become a Narrator for our game, send an email to the ST list (
- I've posted our game's charter in the Chronicle Documents section. Please take the time to read over it.


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