Fitting into the Way of Things (Week of 6/17/13, Open)

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Fitting into the Way of Things (Week of 6/17/13, Open)

Post by Dylan Gray on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:48 pm

Over the next week, Dylan did his level best to pull his weight, taking on whatever share of chores was assigned to him. He showed some skill in tending to the fields, as well as mending small traps to catch game. He was told he'd need to build his own room, so the detective set about gathering fallen sticks and debris to construct a ramshackle lean-to, just off the side of the house. It was far from impressive, but it would do for now.

The Verbena seemed content to spend a lot of time by himself. When he wasn't performing chores or working on his residence, Dylan could often be found in his lean-to, sitting cross-legged, his greegee in one hand, and a knik-knak in the other, like a gourd, or a banana, or a handful of ash, or a bullet. The man would stay there for hours on end, simply meditating.
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