Comforts (Beovyn, Open)

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Comforts (Beovyn, Open) Empty Comforts (Beovyn, Open)

Post by Evelyn Hemmingway on Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:16 pm

"Beovyn," a warm bright smile crosses Eves face as she enters into the mead hall. She had just returned from her shopping with Beovyns apprentice, and had decided to take comforts and spend time with him. Though, she also had some news to tell him of what happened during the last gathering, and her near death experience.

Hugging him gently, she takes a seat on the ground near the fire place as she looks up towards him. "I was hopping that we can spend the evening together, and enjoy one another company...I also have some news I wish to tell you."
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