Repairs (8/11, Evening)

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Repairs (8/11, Evening) Empty Repairs (8/11, Evening)

Post by Beovyn on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:03 pm

Beovyn laid the scraps of what was left of his chain-mail armor out on his work bench. He shook his head as his fingers ran across the ragged gouges that were torn through the ringed mesh. His armor had held up to many a sword and ax through the years with no problem. He had convinced himself it would hold against any assault. He was unprepared for an explosion, especially one of the magnitude that he experienced a few nights before. His ignorance and pride almost killed his unborn child, and the woman that carried it in her womb.

He went to work preparing new rings to repair the damage. A new design would be necessary to help against these modern threats, but that would be for another time. His thoughts were on something else. His in the moment decision to use himself as a shield in foolish hope of saving the mother and child was unsettling to him. He could of easily gotten away through the realm of spirits, but instead of opening the way through, he offered himself to the ravages of what felt like the sun exploding. Most unsettling now, was in the moment he regretted nothing. He felt himself being lifted up by the Valkyrie's, and could smell the roasting of meat and spilt mead on the air as he rose to Valhalla. Once the world came rushing back, thanks to Munther's magic, the regrets flooded in.

Selflessness was not in him that he was aware of. He had made oaths he needed to keep, both of friendship and duty, and death would of broken those. Such a tarnished honor would hinder him from the afterlife he felt was owed to him. There was also the fact that there were something he just wanted to do before dying. He wanted to see his son's face at least once before leaving the world. He wanted to help Kat find her way in the world as a new mother of her own child. And more than anything he had hoped to once again look across the fjord from the door of his house, breathing in the clean air that only the time he left behind could offer.

Beovyn pulled back his singed hair into a pony tail before starting to weave the new rings into the mesh. He sighed as the cooler evening air blew through the open doors, and across his now bar neck. He wiped away some sweat before starting the hand murdering task of closing the rings. After a few rows he tossed his tools to the side. His heart wasn't in the work at the moment, so he made his way to his chair. He sat back in it with one leg draped over the arm. He grabbed his mug and took a swig as he let his eyes peer out into the night.

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Repairs (8/11, Evening) Empty Re: Repairs (8/11, Evening)

Post by Evelyn Hemmingway on Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:32 pm

After everyone had gone home, Eve decided to stay behind. She needed to spend more time with the father of her child. Not that she did not mind, she grew quit fund of Beovyn. Making her way over to him. Her mind racing with thoughts of what just happened with the new council forming, and the fight at the end. Biting down on her lower lip, her eyes move downward towards her swollen belly, allowing her thoughts to veer towards the dream of night before. Knowing it could be anything, but the last thing she need is for the Avatar be a bad one.

“Crazy night…"She spoke as she takes a seat, her eyes kept towards the man before her. She felt protected around him, comfortable even. The two things that are really bothering her though, why is their baby untouched, never been harmed. As far as she was concern, she should have lost the child by now from the crap she has gone through. Yet he comes out untouched, like she never went into battle. The second, the constant throwing up, is really sending her off. She could have sworn she was past that stage by now, right?

Seeing Beovyn coming into view, a warm smile crosses her lips that soon disappear. "What is on your mind?" Her head tilts with curiosity.
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