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Post by Dylan Gray on Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:33 pm

The degree he was tilting his chair backwards was phenomenal, if not immensely stupid. Dylan seemed to have his seat positioned well past the forty-five degree point, anchored only by his feet planted on the surface of the desk. Every so often, the pipes of the heater would start clanging, and the man would viciously lean forward, kicking at the unit, which would fall silent. The satisfied detective would then lean back, spending a few minutes adjusting his position until he was at that precarious tilting point again.

Parts of his gun were in his lap, while he worked on disassembling and cleaning the rest. It was the third time in the past hour he'd gone through the ritual -- not to work any sort of magick. Instead, the sleuth would glance at the stack of bills and paperwork pushed to the side of his desk, make a face, then resume his gun-cleaning with a vengeance.

Eventually, Dylan gave an exasperated sigh and leaned forward, repositioning all four points of the chair safely on the ground. The gun, now reassembled, went back in the drawer, and the man fished for a pen, tapping it a few times on the calendar blotter, before he grabbed for the first item of business. He hated doing paperwork...maybe it was time to hire a secretary.
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