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Post by Adjudicator on Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:14 am

Local News

Imminent Danger to Local Students

Students who were recently exposed to deadly and rare diseases by other students at Defiance College have fallen victim to yet another crime: kidnapping. Defiance Regional Medical Center administration and local authorities report that Jon Freeman, Sara Perkins, and Kyle Stanton were kidnapped from the ICU just prior to being airlifted to University of Toledo's Medical Center. Authorities are pursuing leads on suspects in the case, and the victims photos have been released in a hope to locate them before lack of treatment causes their plight to become dire.

Escaped Convicts

On the heels of the kidnapping of their victims, strangely, the transport vehicle carrying the suspects in the Defiance College disease exposure case was overturned by a crowd of angry protestors, insisting upon their innocence. Though some of the protestors were arrested in the wake of the incident, the suspects were freed and remain at large. Their photos are included.

Railroad Avenue Construction Incident

Construction on a new building near Railroad Avenue and Hickory Street has uncovered what is believed to be an abandoned cemetery. Though this structure no longer bore headstones, construction came to a halt on Wednesday, September 4th when multiple remains were disturbed, their coffins crushed by machinery. The age of these remains is still in question, as well as their identity, and so work is suspended until authorities can enter the area to analyze and resolve the situation.


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